Abstract Awards

Abstract winners from last year:

2nd Annual Critical Care Congress of SCCM Midwest Chapter Aug 7th 2021
Clinical Research:

  • First Place
  • Assessment of intravascular fluid volume in children by point of care ultrasound.
  • Presenters: Tara Osman, Mina Hafzallah, Sandeep Tripathi

  • Second Place
  • Evaluating the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder in professional caregivers of trauma patients.
  • Presenters: Luke Willand, Amy Stewart, Kylea Barnes, Maureen Shields

  • Third Place
  • Outcomes of prolonged VV-ECMO for COVID-19 associated ARDS
  • Presenters: Abinav Birda, Falaneh Khwaila, Joseph Adams, Ridaa Ali, Chad Morreale, Nathan Schoenrade, Leon Eydelman, Kenneth Dodd

Basic Science::

  • First Place
  • Cardiac dysfunction and immune response following traumatic brain injury.
  • Presenters: ezan Abderrahman, Luo Zili, Robert Weiss, Alexander Bassuk, Elizabeth Newell

Quality Improvement Project:

  • First Place
  • Personal protective Equipment Compliance: A Quality Improvement Initiative.
  • Presenters: Hilary Brown, Lizabeth Copre, Catherine Larson, Stephanie Spacone-Perez, Laura Albanese, Sandra Weitzner, Mitali Shah, Varsha Gharpure

  • Second Place
  • Evaluation of a manual prone positioning process for ARDS.
  • Presenter: Flor Cerda