If your current SCCM membership is not up for renewal and you still have an interest in joining the Midwest Chapter, please click on the following link Midwest Chapter Membership to join the chapter. Chapter membership is $45.00 per year. Your chapter membership will be prorated in the first year in order to synchronize with your SCCM membership. Please make sure that you are logged into your SCCM profile using your profile ID number.

If your SCCM membership is up for renewal and you are renewing online, please make sure you click on the chapter membership option after choosing your SCCM membership level. If you are renewing over the phone, please let customer service know that you would like to join the Midwest Chapter.

If you are not currently an SCCM member but would like to join the Midwest Chapter only. Please also click the Midwest Chapter Membership link. Chapter membership will be $45.00, please note that you will be prompted to login/join to create an SCCM profile

Annual membership fee is $45 for practitioners of all disciplines involved in critical care. Please complete application on the website to enroll today.